The earliest records of the School Committee are dated 9th June, 1902, and reads

"Received approval by the Minister for Education as per

communication dated 5th April, 1902."

Members of Committee -

Messrs. Thomas Phelan - Chairman

Thomas Hall Af fleck - Secretary

Robert Craig - Treasurer

Thomas Phillips

William Reynolds

Thos. H. Affleck Secretary.

A General Meeting was held on this day, and the President asked for the minutes from the previous meeting. The Secretary was unable to produce these as the minute book had been destroyed in the school fire. As there had been no business since the fire, the secretary was instructed to purchase a new minute book.

Names of the Committee appointed by the Minister in March of 1908


Messrs. John Doran - Chairman Thomas Edward Smith - Secretary James Edward Jones - Treasurer Michael Joseph McDonnell John Henry Walter Tucker

From the early records, it appears that the Committees met on a regular basis, with seperate meetings of parents. In 1911, the parents meeting appointed a 7 man committee, which the minister later approved. The committee was

Mr. John Doran - Chariman

Mr. James Edward Jones - Treasurer

Mr. Thomas Edward Smith - Secretary

Mr. John Henry Walter Tucker

Mr. Jules Frederick Simon

Mr. Alexander Rattray

Mr. John Larsen

In May 1911 the committee decided to combine with Upper Freestone State School fo hold a picnic in mid-winter.

In March 1912, the sum of 5 shillings was paid to destroy the pear growing in the school grounds.

In March 1914, a collection was made for the school library. Students collected a total of 4 pounds 9 shillings, and this money was spent on books. The two students responsible for the collecting of this money were paid the sum of 2/6 for their efforts.

At a meeting held on March the 18th - year unstated, a proposal was made by Mr. Duncan that "That a meeting of the committee be called for the Saturday night before the full moon of each month." The motion was seconded by Mr. Doran and was carried.

The records between the years 1916 to 1932 have been lost and the next record of minutes available is dated 10th March 1932, when the following people were elected to the committee.

P. Shelley - Chairman J. Nolan - Secretary R. Bell - Treasurer W. A. Shelley J. Morrison W. Hartnett J. E. Tucker

In April of 1932, A. Shelley proposed that an Old Time Dance be held on the Saturday night previous to the full moon in June. Seconded by J. Morrison and was carried. Peters Orchestra was engaged to provide the music and a sub committee formed to see that the night was a success.

It seems that dances were the main fund raisers for the committee, as many were held in the School of Arts. Peters Orchestra must have been very popular as their name can be seen many times in these records.

The school picnics were very popular also. In 1933, the Annual picnic was held in September, and invitations were sent to the neighbouring schools of Upper Freestone, Clintonvale and Swan Creek. A large croud must have been expected as 14 cases of oranges, 3 cases of apples and 105 dozen bananas as well as groceries and lollies were ordered for the day. A dance at night concluded the days events. The picnic of 1934 was run on similar lines with the inclusion of a Euchre Tournament. A credit balance of 6 pounds 16 shillings and 6 pence was recorded from this day.

On the 14th of Ferbruary, 1935, the following people were elected to the committee for the next three years.

P, Shelley - chairman W. Head - Secretary R. Bell - Treasurer W. A. Shelley G. Booth W. Hansen J. Bourke

Triennial elections for the school committee continued to be held until 1965, when the first meeting of the "Parents and Citizens" for Freestone School was held on the 18th March. The executive elected at this meeting was -

N. Masden - President H. J. Booth - Vice President G. Watt - Vice President W. J. Doyle - Secretary R. V. Mauch - Treasurer.

Card parties, dances and school picnics still continued to be popular forms of entertainment, with sub committees being formed to orgainse these events. The meetings were well attended as were their social events.

In 1970 the executive was

W. K. McVeigh - President W. J. Doyle - Secretary L. G. Palmer - Treasurer N. Madsen - Vice Presk'ant G. Watt - Vice President

1970 was a very busy year for Freestone school, being it's Centennial year. The photo section of this book carries memories of this day. From all accounts it was a very successful day with more than 1000 people returning to their former school to relive old memories.

The executive for 1975 were

H. Booth - President

C. Christensen, M. McVeigh, G. Watt, G. Shelley - Vice President

M. Hal I man - Secretary

L. Lennon - Treasurer.

1980 I. Mauch - President

L. Eastwell, G. Watt Vice Presidents P. Coy - Secretary L. Byrne - Treasurer

1985 C. Mauch - President
O. Mauch - Secretary
J. Coy - Treasurer
L. Byrne, L. Eastwell Vice Presidents

1988 Ron Mauch - President
O. Mauch - Secretary
L. Byrne - Treasurer
C. Mauch, I. Mauch Vice Presidents.

Over the years the P.& C. has worked hard to provide "extra's" for both the children and the staff. We note that the first P.& C. in 1965 purchased the duplicating machine which has seen service for over 20 years. This machine was replaced 2 years ago by a photo copier - the result of our fund raising.

The mention of the tennis court also comes up frequently in the minutes over the years. In 1984, a decision was made to build a cement court, to be used for netball, etc. was well as for tennis. The total cost of this court was $17,363, for which we received a 50% Government subsidy. The children make good use of this facility, and occasionally the parents meet for a social game.

For many years the P.& C. has provided the funds for bus trips, Arts Council and other Theatre performances, Christmas books and presentation pens for year seven students and a Christmas B.B.Q., as well as the month by month running of the Association.

We have tried many forms of fund raising over the years with dances, card parties, street stalls, Wine and cheese nights, Melbourne cup parties and sweeps, Cabarets and Cent sales, even a disco last year which the children enjoyed enormously.

The P.& C. meetings have always been well attended with a high percentage of families being represented. Very few city schools can claim 75% or better family representation.

The Mums are always happy to assist with transport to various functions, or to help out with art or music programmes and whenever a working bee is called, the Dads roll up to get the job done.

The main project for 1988 is the Freestone Reunion Day and the publishing of this book, our gift to the Bicentennial year. The date chosen for this Reunion day - July 30th - was chosen because it was the nearest Saturday to the Freestone School's 118th birthday, that being on August 1st.

For 118 years, the parents of the district and the teachers have been working together to ensure their children get the best education possible.