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We welcome you to our web site that shows you about us, our home and our ever increasing family. There are so many photos, we hope you don't get lost. On some pages it will send to a totally different page, but don't worry, it will always have a link that says 'Main Page' on the left. This will always send you back here. You can then navigate to where ever you need to go. You will have to login to see the photos. Get in touch with me and I will give you the details.

The site was made for us poor folk that can only get dial up, so those on broadband, the images aren't as large as you would like.

The wedding pages are large. Megan's and Andrews photos would be the largest in quantity, and I left out about 70% of them. But hopefully I selected the best shots. Emma and Terry's photos have been arranged in 'type'. Hopefully they will be understood. We sure do have lovely girls!

We also have a couple of our little Maya . Not too many, but just enough. Actually it is very hard selecting the photos not to include. Also there are a couple of the boys as well. We are so lucky having Micah and Caleb as part of our family now. They sure love playing on SS BogWot .

On the page ' BogWot Photos' there are many photos of the property at different times and stages.

I also included an 'Events' page to show what is on and what we went to in and around the area of Warwick.

The ' Rural Fire Brigade ' also gets a mention as does the ' Freestone State School '. Both are important to the residents.

We have done a few climbs up our hills. We have a hill at the back of us and a hill at the front . We also have some remnant rainforest that we hope to preserve and if possible, enlarge.

The wildlife is abundant. Especially with this drought. The birds are just beautiful.

Anyway enjoy our home.




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